about Torsten Scheller

High functioning organisations. Motivated employees. Innovative products and services. Happy customers.

Management rebel Torsten Scheller is the expert for Value Stream Organization, OpenSpace Change and Lean Change. Specializing in organizational development, business agility, business transformation and operational excellence, he supports organizations of all kinds in transformations.

Torsten Scheller is all about functioning organizations. These are organizations that enable their members to develop their potential and in this way realize his above-mentioned vision. From his own painful experience, he knows how important it is for employees to be able to develop and contribute to the success of the organization.

As a lateral and different thinker, he is driven by radical improvements in value creation, especially in the area of product development. He is regarded as a critical thinker whose valuable impulses inspire people to think and move forward.

For many years, Torsten Scheller was a product and project manager at various points of the value stream in companies – from start-ups to SMEs to corporations. Among other things, he introduced Lean Development, Kaizen and Continuous Improvement Processes (CIP) in development departments, advised a division of an international corporation on strategy development in the context of technologies and business models, and headed an international industry association.

He is the author of the book “On the Way to an Agile Organization” (Vahlen 2017) and, in addition to Value Stream Organization and OpenSpace Change – also known as Lean Change 3.0 – developed Lean Change 1.0 together with Jason Little (Toronto).

Torsten Scheller studied electrical engineering, business administration, industrial, business and organizational psychology as well as applied social psychology and holds a Master of Business Administration (MBA) in General Management. He is a trained behavioral trainer and coach. For many years he has been involved with radical constructivism, complexity and systems theory, systemic thinking and approach, and psychology.

Torsten Scheller is a member of Mensa.


  • Lean-agile process, product and value stream management
  • Business agility based on value streams, flight levels and the Kanban Maturity Model
  • Systemic organizational development (taking into account the Theory of Constraints)
  • Introduction and improvement of Scrum, Kanban and Critical Chain Project Management
  • OpenSpace Change + Lean Change + lean-agile Change Navigation
  • Coaching of managers, agile coaches, scrum masters and product owners
  • Coaching of classic and agile managers (e.g. BU managers, department managers, project managers, team leaders) on classic and agile management and leadership, etc.
  • Conception and execution of trainings and workshops
  • Training of Agile Coaches, Scrum Masters and Product Owners


  • Senior Lean-agile Business Coach, Enterprise Agile Coach, Agile Coach Trainer & Coach
  • Communication and Behavior Trainer & Coach, Systemic Coach & Flight Levels Coach
  • Creator of and Trainer-Trainer for Value Stream Organization, OpenSpace Change and Lean Change
  • Flight Levels Flow Design, Flight Levels Systems Architecture and Flight Levels Change Leadership
  • Flow Framework™ Professional
  • Certified LeSS-Practitioner
  • Management 3.0 Trainer
  • ScrumMaster advanced
  • ProductOwner advanced
  • Dipl.-Ing. Univ. Electrical engineering
  • MBA – General Management

Torsten Scheller is the author of the bestsellers:

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